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Born in the little town of Shewsbury, UK, as a child I moved to Australia with my family for what was supposed to be a temporary opportunity for my Dad. “3 years tops”, he said. Two decades later we are still here, and I got to grow up in sunny Sydney.

After completing a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney, I felt so close and yet so far from finding my true passion, so I decided to take a year off from work and study to explore, try new things and give myself the space to learn what I wanted to, rather than what I felt I ought to.

Within that year I went travelling with one of my best friends, reconnected with my overseas family, and tried my hand at starting a business. In the proccess of getting set up, I was building a website through a self-build service similar to Squarespace. Frustrated by the limitations of the template, I decided to dig into the code, and managed to break the entire site. Even the support team couldn’t fix it, and advised me that it would be easier to start over.

Unwilling to accept this answer, I decided I would just learn how to build a website myself. It was then that something ‘clicked’. I became so passionate about learning web development that I abandoned my business idea, completed a few online courses, spent a lot of time on Google, and began building a portfolio. Within 3 months I had been hired as a Junior Developer for an award winning Digital Agency.

Since landing my first job, I have had the priveldge of working with some truely amazing people who have helped my skillset to skyrocket. I was able to progress from building banner ads and static landing pages, to working on fully dynamic site builds. And now, I have decided the time is right to strike out on my own again, and see what I can create. I am currently working as a Freelance Front End Developer, while also developing a few personal projects on the side. If you’d like to check out my portfolio, you can find it here.


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